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For the heart of the various musical projects of David Little, including Smallhaus and Lines of Silence.


Smallhaus is an evolving experimental music project, started by David in 2015 after a number of years away from making music. Starting as a way to explore sound and music making outside of a traditional band format, initial experiments concentrated on manipulating found sounds and field recordings, alongside guitar and electronics. The sound developed to incorporate life-long influences from psychedelia, shoegaze and post-rock, along with electronica and ambient music. 
Musical reference points include Neu, Amp, Flying Saucer Attack, Windy and Carl, Eno’s 70 Ambient series, Labradford, Grouper and Tortoise.

The first Smallhaus album, Unweather, combined early experiments to create an evolving two-part sound collage – self-released on cassette and download in early 2017. The EP Six followed soon after, featuring six tracks with all sounds being made on electric guitar and then processed. The second “proper” album, Lutra, was released by Linear Obsessional records in summer 2018. Tracks from lutra have been played on Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone on BBC 6 Music, Resonance FM and NTS.

Doubt / The Magnetic North, the third and fourth albums were released as a double by Bad Bat Records in April 2020.

Smallhaus releases are available on Bandcamp, Spotify and a number of other streaming services.

Lines of Silence was started as a side project in 2020 to explore more esoteric and conceptual drone-based recordings. The first Lines of Silence album, Terra / Aqua was released by TQN-aut in November 2020.