Let’s not talk about 2016.

As is my tendency with things like personal websites, blogs and social media, I was really bad at updating this site. I’ve wiped it clean and am starting from scratch.

Some of the things I never got round to posting about are

I played at a couple of gigs (as in two, hardly exhaustive). One night I put on with some friends at the wonderful Vinyl Deptford, the other performance was at Graham Dunning’s Experimental Sound Art end of term night which I played at as an alumnus of the course. I basically played a version of this track.

I had two releases (there’s a theme emerging here): one on the brilliant Brink compilation released by ATTN:Magazine, the other on the wonderful Linear Obsessional’s Utterances compilation. Both tracks were two minutes long. There’s definitely a theme emerging.

I think my overall view of the more notable events of 2016 (political catastrophes and the like) can be summed up with this track.