Zetland EP

Announcing a new EP: Zetland available to download from Bandcamp and stream from all major streaming sites.

Zetland was born from a couple of abandoned projects. The first was around ambient remixes of previous releases and the second two extended improvisations made on electric guitar and gong. The first never happened but left me wanting to experiment more with a more electronic approach, exploring sound design rather than instrumentation. I almost released the improvisations but wasn’t really happy with them. Elements of them appear on Zetland, heavily processed and manipulated.

Zetland is the most electronic release of mine so far – in addition to processed gong, guitar and radio sounds it features samples from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, again treated and manipulated, alongside synths and sampled reverb tails.

I was keen for this not to become the inevitable “lockdown release”. However, I realised when I came to name the tracks (something I always struggle with and leave until the last minute) that they were informed by a longing to be a long way away – surrounded by the sounds of nature rather than urban clatter which is quickly re-establishing itself after the relative peace of the early lockdown.

Initially this is being released digitally but may find a physical release in time.