Introducing Lines of Silence

Lines of Silence is a diversion that may end up becoming more than that. I started it as a way of exploring more conceptual and esoteric long form material. When I started recording for it it felt different enough from previous releases to warrant a different name. The name itself was a mash-up of the name of one of Richard Long‘s artworks (A Line Made by Walking), and a line – “Atomic silence” from one of his “textworks” (A Twenty One Day Footpath Walk Nepal 1983).

The first album Terra / Aqua is due to be released by the lovely folks at TQN-aut in late 2020.

Here’s a brief overview of what it’s about:

Terra and Aqua are a collection of drones, based on the main notes of the terra and aqua Koshi chimes (G, C, E and F for terra; A, D, F and G for aqua). Substituting one hour for one minute, the length of Terra and Aqua represent the sidereal day (23:56) and tidal cycle of a lunar day (24:50). Each drone contained within the two pieces is around 6 minutes long and may represent different aspects of those days (time of the day, high or low tides) or simply different moods experienced during those times.