Lines of Silence, Terra / Aqua released

Terra / Aqua – the first album by my side project Lines of Silence is now available to buy on CD or download from the TQN-aut Bandcamp page.

Lines of Silence is an exploration of more esoteric, conceptual long form compositions.

Terra and Aqua were composed to help deal with my own recurring feelings of anxiety and problems sleeping – coming and going in their own cycles of tides. The drones consist of simple tones, principally based around their key note, sometimes moving with direction but at other times purposefully staying static, allowing the mind to travel, then slow and calm.

Terra and Aqua are a collection of drones, based on the main notes of the terra and aqua Koshi chimes (G, C, E and F for terra; A, D, F and G for aqua). Substituting one hour for one minute, the length of Terra and Aqua represent the sidereal day (23:56) and tidal cycle of a lunar day (24:50). Each drone is around 6 minutes long and may represent different aspects of those days (time of the day, high or low tides) or simply different moods experienced during those times.

The cover for Terra / Aqua was designed by Alison Henning. Moonwaves was based on her interpretation and response to the music. I think it’s a beautiful work and complements the music perfectly.