Isolated EP

Isolated contains two tracks that were written after Lutra but before I started work on my third album, Doubt. They felt like they lived in their own world, apart from Lutra and Doubt but coming back to them I still liked them so decided to release them as an EP.

You can download the EP from Bandcamp.

Introducing lutra – the new smallhaus album

Lutra, the new smallhaus album, has been released by Linear Obsessional Recordings and is available as a CD and pay-what-you-want download.

The CD is packaged in a flexible translucent plastic case, with wrap-around cover and 4 page mini-booklet of notes.

Lutra was written and recorded between July 2017-March 2018 and uses different approaches and techniques from its predecessors, unweather and sixThe result is 8 shorter tracks – reflecting my love of psychedelia, 1970s ambient, shoegaze, post-rock, drone and music concrete.

“An enveloping, immersive wash of precision moulded sound” (Richard Sanderson, Linear Obsessional Recordings)

Buy or download Lutra from the Linear Obsessional Bandcamp page.


Lutra releasing into the wild

My new album, lutra, is due to be released imminently on the wonderful Linear Obsessional records.

lutra was written and recorded between July 2017 and February 2018. A departure from the sonic collage of unweatherlutra uses different techniques and features 8 shorter, more focused tracks.

Richard Sanderson, head honcho of Linear Obsessional has written these kind notes about the release:

Following on from his slow burning self-released cassette “Unweather”, “Lutra” is the first CD release by smallhaus (AKA South London based guitarist, electronicist, percussionist David Little). It expands his singular sound environment into a full-screen, full-colour and hugely enjoyable collection.

At times this almost feels like a tribute to the classic sounds of 70’s ambient – the choral textures, the infinite guitars, the synthesizers, but it’s done with a knowing wink and a contemporary layer of grit and dust. But mostly it’s an enveloping, immersive wash of precision moulded sound.

lutra is, of course, dedicated to otters everywhere.

Here’s a short video I made to mark the occasion:

ATTN Magazine reviews unweather

I’ve had another lovely review of unweather in ATTN Magazine, who organised the Brink compilation I was part of last year. Thank you!

To me, unweather sounds like one of these meditative meanderings through personal history. I twist unforgettable highs and lows into idle memory debris. Chronology folds in on itself, with the vivid experiences of last week seeping into the hazes of childhood. Tidal waves of shoegaze guitar drain to leave the hum and drip of degraded tapes, while field recordings from across the UK (Isle Of Mull, London, Hebden Bridge) become backdrops to flickers of melody or acoustic drones, which hang in the foreground like an inner calm or ripe, burdening upset.


My new EP, six is now available on Bandcamp. It’s made entirely with noises I made with my guitar, most of which have been heavily processed in Ableton.

six, by smallhaus

unweather cassettes now available on Bandcamp

A limited (20 copies!) edition run of unweather cassettes are now available to buy on Bandcamp at the bargain price of £4 each + postage.

The cassettes are transparent blue, with a sticker featuring the unweather artwork. The inlay features full album details.

Side a: unweather part one (20:33)
Side b: unweather part two  (21:32)

unweather cassettes


My new album, unweather, is now available on Bandcamp.

unweather is the result of over a year’s experimentation with different approaches to making sound and music. It features processed and manipulated field recordings made in a number of locations, from London to Hebden Bridge, to the Isle of Mull, along with extracts from tape loops, guitar and other electronic instrumentation. Granular synthesis is used to create lo-fi drones, textures and atmospheres. Sounds are cut up and used to synthesise new sounds, sitting alongside recordings from the natural world.

unweather is loosely about storms, personal, political and literal.

part one [20:33]: stormfront / in stillness / coastal / tidal / extinction

part two [21:32]: wrecked / backwash / mud-slaked / decayed / depth