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For the heart of the various musical projects of David Little, including smallhaus and Lines of Silence.

Latest release – Equinox 1 by Lines of Silence


Smallhaus and Lines of Silence are two musical projects by David Little to examine different approaches to making experimental psychedelic music.

Smallhaus started in 2015 after a number of years away from making music. Starting as a way to explore sound and music making outside of a traditional band format, initial experiments concentrated on manipulating found sounds and field recordings, alongside guitar and electronics. The sound developed to incorporate life-long influences from psychedelia, shoegaze and post-rock, along with electronica and ambient music. 

After the release of Nova in January 2021, smallhaus is on hiatus.

Lines of Silence was started as a side project in 2020 to explore more esoteric and conceptual recordings. The first Lines of Silence album, Terra / Aqua was released by TQN-aut in November 2020. The current Stations of the Sun project will release largely improvised pieces at the turning of the seasons.


Equinox 1

Equinox 1 is the second release in the Lines of Silence Stations of the Sun project, marking the solstices and equinoxes. Released on the date of the 2021 Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and in pantheistic celebration of Ostara. Equinox 1 comprises two pieces – The Earth, the Goddess marks the awakening from winter …


Nova is the fifth album by smallhaus, South-East London-based musician David Little. Nova shifts between moods of claustrophobia to setting the controls for open space – from the ambient openings of Nova Swing through the electronics of Kefahuchi, spacey dub of The Emergent to the heavy psych of Bone Dice, A Quieter Mind and These …

Lines of Silence live

A live Lines of Silence improvisation recorded for the Virtual Electronic Open Mic night in December. First time I’ve tried anything like this. It was quite fun but fiddly so not sure if I’d fancy doing a live stream.