unweather cassettes now available on Bandcamp

A limited (20 copies!) edition run of unweather cassettes are now available to buy on Bandcamp at the bargain price of £4 each + postage.

The cassettes are transparent blue, with a sticker featuring the unweather artwork. The inlay features full album details.

Side a: unweather part one (20:33)
Side b: unweather part two  (21:32)

unweather cassettes


My new album, unweather, is now available on Bandcamp.

unweather is the result of over a year’s experimentation with different approaches to making sound and music. It features processed and manipulated field recordings made in a number of locations, from London to Hebden Bridge, to the Isle of Mull, along with extracts from tape loops, guitar and other electronic instrumentation. Granular synthesis is used to create lo-fi drones, textures and atmospheres. Sounds are cut up and used to synthesise new sounds, sitting alongside recordings from the natural world.

unweather is loosely about storms, personal, political and literal.

part one [20:33]: stormfront / in stillness / coastal / tidal / extinction

part two [21:32]: wrecked / backwash / mud-slaked / decayed / depth